About Bella Learning

At the moment, Bella Learning is run by me – Annabel! I’ve been a primary school teacher for over 12 years. From the moment I stepped into my first classroom on the Isle of Dogs in 2006, I fell in love with teaching. I’ve worked all over London and the surrounding area and have been both a classroom teacher and in leadership. Teaching and learning is my number one passion and for me, nothing beats helping kids to learn something new whilst enjoying the experience.

However, with schools so stretched for time, money and resources, I began to explore different ways to help every child flourish in their education. Research lead me to the very real fact that parental involvement in learning is a key indicator for future outcomes. I know first-hand that parents supporting their children can transform their relationship with education but I also know that there isn’t much information out there to help parents support their kids in a meaningful way – a way that can impact their performance and enjoyment in the classroom.

So I came up with Bella Learning, a resource with the aim of empowering parents… and as a result … empowering pupils…

I believe this can be achieved through:

I hope you find this website a useful resource. Please read our ethos get in touch with any enquiries.