After their learning consultation, families have the option to access group, 1:1 and top up tuition sessions. We ask that pupils have had a learning consultation first so that we understand their needs and learning styles well and to support the family first and foremost. From then, we can discuss whether more support might be needed in the form of ‘top up’ sessions, group tuition or 1:1.

Tuition takes place in my home in Chislehurst or in your home. Regular 1:1 and ‘top up’ sessions cost £35 for 45 minutes and group tuition costs £25 for an hour.

Tuition runs during term time. Please look at the timetable below for our current availability. Due to demand, we have 2 sessions running on a Sunday which are specific to 11plus preparation.

Monday4pm 1:1 - Booked
Tuesday4pm 1:1 - Booked
Wednesday4pm 1:2 – Booked
6pm 1:1 - Booked
Thursday4pm - Booked
‘Top up’ or learning consultation sessions available
Friday4pm 1:1 - Booked
SaturdayTop up sessions available
Sunday2:45 - 3:45 - General group session spaces available
4-5 pm 11plus group session - Booked

Get in touch here to join any of our available sessions.

Keep an eye out for special events and group sessions in the holidays!