Bella Learning’s aim is simple: we want every child to love learning and thrive in primary school and beyond. We believe that by empowering parents, we can empower pupils and that this can be achieved by creating a strong connection between what is happening in schools and what is happening at home.

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  1. Phonics Explained: Online Tutorial

    26th September 2019 - 26th September 2020

Latest Articles

How to read with your child through primary school

Most people know that it's important to read with their children but there isn't much guidance on the best way to go about it through the years. Bella Learning gives a teacher's run down of how to support your child's reading through primary school. Reception: A...

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I don’t want to be ‘that’ parent…

Since starting the Facebook group 'Ask a teacher' only a couple of days ago, we've already had a number of members stating that they don't want to be 'that' parent with regard to expressing concerns to teachers. I'm here, as a teacher, to tell you that we want you to...

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What We Do…

Learning Consultations

A unique way to help your child’s learning through accurate assessment, advice and personalised resources.

Parent Workshops

These seminars give parents the subject knowledge and skills to confidently support their children at home.


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