Learning Consultations

Learning consultations are a way for families to get quality time and expert advice from an experienced teacher.  They are a sustainable alternative to regular tuition as they empower the parent to support their child longer term.

They aim to:

  • Build confidence
  • Accelerate progress
  • Increase enjoyment

They include:

  • A phone call with the parent to discuss concerns, history and personality of the child
  • A 1:1 assessment with the pupil in setting of your choice
  • An advice session with the parent
  • A personalised learning pack for the family to work towards targets
  • 2 mini-tutorials
  • A follow up
  • The option for ‘top up’ sessions and to join tuition groups for further support

Reasons for having a learning consultation might include (but are far from limited to):

  • Building confidence in area of learning that your child is struggling with
  • catching up on areas of learning that may have been missed
  • addressing and advising on a specific need such as dyslexia
  • stretching a child who is finding work at school too easy
  • preparing a pupil for a particular test or assessment such as the 11 plus
  • to gain an accurate teacher’s assessment of where your child is at and what they need to do to improve

Learning consultations take place in either your home or mine at a time that suits both teacher and family and cost £225. Siblings cost £200.

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