Despite the sore throat and spinning head by the end of the event, as a teacher I used to love parents’ evening. Those 10 minutes can make all the difference to your child’s experience and outcomes at school so go prepared!

These are Bella Learning’s TOP TIPS for a positive and productive parents’ meeting:

  1. ATTEND. Yes – may be obvious but it is vital that you make time to go and to show your child that you value their learning. In my personal opinion, I always liked it when the child was there too; we are talking about them after all.
  2. SMILE! The teacher you are meeting spends just as much time as you do with your child and will know them very well. Make them feel at ease and create a positive vibe from the outset by being friendly!
  3. COME ARMED WITH QUESTIONS. The most productive meetings are when the parent brings all the queries they have to the meeting so they can be ironed out quickly. What do you want to know? Their level? Their test results? How they interact with others? How confident they are? What the homework is about? How to do long division? This is your chance! Don’t waste it!
  4. CELEBRATE THEIR WORK. Let your child take you round and show you the work they have done on displays. Look at their books too; most parents are surprised at the quality of the work they do at school. Tell them they are great!
  5. FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS. Sometimes, there might be tricky issues to tackle, from either side of the desk. Try to focus on solutions rather than blame. Teachers want the best for your child as much as you do! If it can’t be resolved, book another meeting at another time.

6. BE PROUD! Your kids are amazing! Tell them that!

For more information on how to support your child, why not attend one of our parent workshops or host one in your home for you and your friends!

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