Welcome to the second challenge for primary school children. These challenges are open-ended, purposeful tasks, differentiated for different abilities, that your child can enjoy every day.

Today’s challenge is arty and relaxing. It’s a chance to be mindful and creative. Children are asked to make a rainbow collage.

ALL: The idea is to make a collage using things you have at home. This could be stickers, leaflets, magazines, old birthday cards, tissue paper, post it notes etc. You might then like to fill the gaps using different materials like pens, pencils, felt tips, highlighters and paints. The children will have great fun searching for the colours around the house. This task could take hours!

Preschoolers and Reception: Talk to your child about colours. What colours do they know? What colours do they like? What is a rainbow? What colours does it have? What shape is it? Use your hands to show me. Then you might draw the outline of the rainbow and allow them to stick the materials on to fill it.

Years 1 and 2: Let the children draw their own rainbow and source the coloured materials themselves. Let them decide it they want to cut or tear the paper for the collage. Discuss what a rainbow is and why we get them. Have they seen one? How did it make them feel? |What colours make up the rainbow?

Years 3 and 4: Allow your child to design their rainbow themselves. Talk to them about rainbows and the meaning behind them. Do you know any stories about rainbows? What are the colours of the rainbow in the correct order? Can they remember the colours if you test them? Use the mnemonic Richard (red) Of (orange) York (yellow) Gave (green) Battle (blue) In (indigo) Vain (violet).

Years 5 and 6 and Beyond: Make the rainbow collage. Then research and present scientific information about rainbows for a younger audience.

Please don’t feel you have to stick to the year group options; let your child choose the option that best suits them.

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