Welcome to the second week of the daily challenges for primary school children. These challenges are open-ended, purposeful tasks, differentiated for different abilities, that your child can enjoy every day. Please share your outcomes with the group to receive both teacher and peer feedback. Enjoy yourselves!

Today’s challenge is a chance to be creative and think about how you can bring others joy without seeing them. Children are asked to make a sunshine picture  to put in the window.. All over the UK, people are putting pictures up for people to see as they walk by. Every week is a different theme. This week is sunshine.


ALL: The idea is to create the image of a sun using hand prints as the rays.

Preschoolers and Reception: Talk to your child about the sun. What do they know? What colour is it? What shape is it? How do you feel when you are in the sun? Help your child to draw a yellow circle and fill it in. You can use paint or paper. Then, dip their hands in yellow and orange paint and create the rays around the edge. If you don’t have paint, you could draw round their hands instead. Don’t forget to discuss why you are making the picture and to put it in the window.

Years 1 and 2: As above but ask them to experiment with colours and patterns. Can they alternate colours? Can they count the rays? How many hands have they used? How many fingers is that? Don’t forget to discuss why you are making the picture and to put it in the window

Years 3 and 4: Allow your child to design their sun themselves. They might want to draw different coloured hands on paper and cut them out to stick around the edge. Discuss how people might feel when they see the picture in the window. Why is sun a symbol of hope?

Years 5 and 6 and Beyond: As above but ask them to think about some inspiring text that could accompany the picture. For example:  ‘The sun will come out tomorrow’ or ‘The sun is always there, even if it’s hidden by the clouds.’

Please don’t feel you have to stick to the year group options; let your child choose the option that best suits them. We’d love you to share the results online in our group for peer and teacher feedback. Enjoy!

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