Hi, I’m Annabel and I’m a primary teacher, tutor and parent. Marketing isn’t really my thing (I prefer learning) but I’m seeing too many families struggling with home-learning not to tell you the story of Bella Learning Games.

Long before the pandemic hit, homework was concerning me. I would cringe when parents told me about the stresses, strains and arguments when trying to complete homework. It broke my heart when I heard about children being distressed and relationships fraying because of a worksheet. I knew there was a much better way.

This is why I wrote and designed Bella Learning Games. I wrote them specifically for parents to play with their children because I know, deep down (and contrary to popular belief), parents are incredible teachers. Why? Because they know their children best.

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All parents really need to be successful is three things:

1. Expert guidance on what to teach when, explained with the non-expert in mind.


2. Clear advice on how to adapt the task to suit their child (up, down or sideways!).


3. Fun, interactive activities that strengthen relationships rather than divide.


And not a screen in sight…

So in January 2019 Bella Learning Games was born. 15 games designed for parents to play with their kids that are linked directly to the curriculum for that year – with stretch and support options so everyone can play. Little did I know how important they would turn out to be! I’m a tiny business (just me!) and I can’t compete with the big publishers, but in the first lockdown we helped hundreds of families find joy in home-schooling. They told me everyday by sending photos of their proud and smiling children. It literally makes my heart sing.

I promise it doesn’t have to be so hard. You can do this!

Children love learning – we just need to do it through connection and fun!

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